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As we all know, after the completion of the new house decoration for some time, will be distributed to the human body harmful gases, such as formaldehyde. Formaldehyde if inhaled excess, it is easy to cause formaldehyde poisoning, more serious, and even cause cancer. Therefore, in the new house decoration, be sure to remove formaldehyde.
First of all, in the decoration, to ensure the indoor ventilation, the best every day to ensure good ventilation effect; secondly, can raise some green plants in indoor, such as cactus, although the effect is not obvious, but still play some role; thirdly, some people will use activated carbon adsorption to the gas adsorption, in fact the effect of Maya blue and other materials to be far better than activated carbon. In fact, the natural rare earth materials, a kind of nano grade without harm, strong adsorption; finally, the vacant housing three to six months, plus more than three ways with the use of such basic formaldehyde gas will disappear completely, the house can live.
As a professional production of formaldehyde formaldehyde manufacturers, Quanxing chemical production is mainly used in chemical industry, our factory has always insisted on the concept of the supremacy of customers, the customer's health and interests in the first place, formaldehyde is used properly, if used properly, it will not cause any harm to people. Welcome new and old customers come to buy.

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