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      Adding insecticide will make pests nowhere to hide, into the leather shoes, car light agent make more bright colors, applied to the air freshener will diffuse intense aroma, mixed with air conditioning refrigerant will make your summer more fresh and fun. The magic of methylal in many industries in accentuates, and unique personality and rebellious nature show is also a risk of AF fear. Let us learn how to deal with the methylal fire knowledge.
    Methylal, high dangerous combustibles
    The risk coefficient to mention of combustible materials, there is no doubt that methylal is among the best, as long as the explosive mixture out of the volatile vapor and air phase can form high risk coefficient, high temperature or even when fire is a strong oxidizing agent can cause an explosion and combustion, especially the oxidant calls, reaction the most significant power of something. In the middle of the material, it is possible to generate a potentially dangerous player - a potentially explosive peroxide.
Methylal, protection knowledge
    Once the methylal fire must not panic, calm, calmly. As soon as possible, the fire will be moved to the outdoor or open space in the first time, and continued to fire on the fire to the object or the container cooling to fire the complete end of the fire. It is worth noting that, in the fire or fire container goods have discoloration or generate sound immediately quickly evacuated from the relief device in safety. In this process, the use of fire fighting solvents can be used, including anti - soluble foam, carbon dioxide, sand, and dry powder, etc., which are commonly used as fire fighting water in this effect is zero.

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