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    Methylal is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, household products, pesticides, leather polishing agent, cleaning agent, industrial products, rubber industry and other fields, with the steady development of the industry, the market demand for methylal volume is also growing, but because of its special nature, so in methylal wholesale not like the common goods wholesale, but should be considered three issues.
    When you buy a piece of clothes or food, you may only need to consider the quality, price and other factors can be, but the methylal belongs to a flammable liquid, so the methylal wholesale not only to consider the quality and price factors, but also consider the storage and transportation factors. Quality factors mainly consider its density and solubility, stability and other aspects of the nature of the price, the choice of cost-effective products. While in storage and transportation, more problems should be considered, although methylal is a colorless liquid, but it has great harm to human health, it is irritating to the body mucosa, can cause respiratory discomfort, inhalation of high concentration of methylal will appear dizziness and other phenomena, but it will also hurt the eyes and the skin. So in the storage and transportation and use good protection to avoid direct contact of methylal. In addition, due to its high volatile, low boiling point, so the transport vehicles should be equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment and emergency treatment equipment, and have anti-static equipment, with no oxidant and acid mixed shipping, transit to riot sun, rain, high temperature resistant. Storage should choose a cool, ventilated warehouse, should pay attention to away from the fire and heat source, to keep the container sealed to prevent leakage and so on.
Of course, not only in the wholesale methylal to do anti leakage emergency measures in methylal use, storage should also be vigilant, the bombings in Tianjin's lesson is: be careful to drive the boat.

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