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Formaldehyde manufacturers to teach you how to remove formaldehyde decoration
The details of formaldehyde production process
One of the most important organic chemical material, formaldehyde, its boiling point is low, and the nature of the lively, so we make a strict warning here, in the packaging of formaldehyde, requirements must be high, and the store must be cautious. Our company is mainly formaldehyde with two falling film concentration, spray granulation and continuous drying technology, effectively solves the disadvantages of domestic kettle type concentration, rake or brought scraper type drying technology for small scale production, high raw material consumption, product quality is poor, so the formaldehyde production reached the advanced level abroad.
The main technical work process is as follows: the formaldehyde aqueous solution of 37% or 55% of the first two and then through depolymerization, falling film vacuum concentration of around 80% in a concentrated solution, cotelmer under the effect of polymerization, then through spray granulation, drying got around 96% paraformaldehyde finished.
Main index of formaldehyde:
The ash content is less than 100ppm
Melting point 175 ~ 120
Heap density 600 ~ 800 g/L
PH3.5 ~ 5
Reaction time 5
Solubility (10 minutes in water 100 minutes) 95%
Degree of polymerization of 8 ~ 30
So the production process is very cumbersome and very simple, for our outstanding formaldehyde production industry, we will fully committed to the production of formaldehyde, you are welcome to negotiate.

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